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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NATIONAL ADAPT: Say "NO" to Massive Medicaid Cuts, Block-Granting

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Contact Representative Bachmann, Representative Ryan, and Speaker Boehner to say "NO" to massive Medicaid cuts and block-granting. 
·         Most Effective Yet More Time-Consuming: Call the following US Congressional Officials:
o   Representative Bachmann -- 202-225-2331 / 651-731-5400
o   Representative Ryan -- 202-225-3031
o   Speaker Boehner -- 202-225-6205
o   Senator Hatch -- 202-224-5251
o   Senator Baucus -- 202-224-2651
·         Less Effective Yet Less Time-Consuming:
·         US Representatives Action
·         US Senators Action

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