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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minnesota Governor’s Identification of Essential Services during Government Shutdown

 The list of state government services that must continue during the looming Minnesota government shutdown has been released by Governor Dayton's office.

What's on the service continuation list related to the disability community?
  • Access to Medical Assistance and other state health program services have been listed as essential; (Department of Human Services)
  • Disability determination claims (Department of Employment and Economic Development)
  • Unemployment Insurance claims processing and payments claims (Department of Employment and Economic Development)
  • Workers' Compensation claims and approval of medical treatments (Department of Labor & Industry)

What's NOT on the service continuation list related to the disability community?
  • Payments for ANY health care services under state health care programs (Department of Human Services)
  • Metro Transit bus service (Metropolitan Council)
  • Metro Mobility (Metropolitan Council)
  • Vocational Services authorizations or claims (Department of Employment and Economic Development)
  • The Minnesota State Council on Disability
  • Most state grants or contracts through any state agency
More information can be found at the following agency's government shutdown information pages:


    1. Ann Barry (DHS deputy commissioner,) has said she expects vendors (which apparently includes PCA agencies) to rely on reserves during a shutdown. My agency has virtually no reserves and I suspect this would probably be true of many others. I would like to suggest that other people put that question to their PCA agency and share the results. We may have a problem here if the shutdown lasts very long.

      Also, if the city bus shuts down, any PCAs who use the bus may have problems getting to work.

    2. Completely agreed, Frances! I will create a quick online survey and begin distributing it ASAP.