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ADAPT MN Questions the Governor About His Legacy About Supporting Ppl w Disabilities and Seniors

Yesterday (8/29) ADAPT MINNESOTA went to the State Fair to question Governor Dayton about not funding OVERTIME for Homecare.  Gov. Dayton wa...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Award Text: Free Our People Award to Governor Mark Dayton

ADAPT MN presents the Free Our People Award to Governor Mark Dayton

Governor Dayton has shown his commitment to supporting freedom and independence of people with disabilities by:

  • Vetoing the GOP Omnibus Health and Human Services finance bill, Transportation finance bill, and Jobs and Economic Development appropriations bill, remembering that Real Cuts Hurt Real People; and,
  • Recognizing that enabling people with disabilities to live in our own homes in our own communities costs less than institutionalization and improves our dignity, health and safety.

Governor Dayton is a leader that the disability community can count on to:

  • Include People with Disabilities in any decisions that affect our lives;
  • Raise revenue to fund vital services by ensuring that the most wealthy Minnesotans are paying their fair share; and, 
  • Ensure that people with disabilities receive people-centered supports to free us from unnecessary, costly, inherently demeaning, frequently understaffed and sometimes abusive institutions and nursing homes.

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