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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disability Rights Activists Take Over MN Senate Gallery; Disrupt Session

St. Paul, MN, May 11, 2011- Members of ADAPT Minnesota, a grassroots disability rights organization have taken over the public gallery of the Minnesota State Senate. They are chanting phrases such as “Our Homes, Not Nursing Homes!” and “Cuts Kill!”. Today the Senate leadership insists on voting on a bill that would harm families by further restricting marriage rights. People with disabilities want the Senate to instead focus on strengthening families and communities by passing a budget that protects services that keep people with disabilities in their communities and out of institutions.

Members of ADAPT Minnesota will continue this nonviolent action until their demands are met! The activists are demanding that Senator David W. Hann, the chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee support a funding plan for Health and Human services that cuts no more that 2% from the overall budget. ADAPT Minnesota expects the legislature to raise new revenue from those who can afford it and opposes the legislature’s cuts-only approach to balancing the state’s budget.
The proposed budget for the Department of Human Services eliminates or reduces programs, which allow people with disabilities of all ages to live in their own homes rather than being forced into more costly institutions. “We we will continue demonstrating until Minnesota State Senator David W. Hann, commits to continued funding home and community-based supports including the ‘Community First ChoiceAct’ and the ‘Money Follows the Person’ programs in Minnesota”, said Chris Bell, a member of ADAPT Minnesota.

Senator David W. Hann, Chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, would cut over $1 billion in spending for medical necessities for the health, safety and freedom of those with disabilities of all ages. These cuts would be devastating to the disability community, which would include home-and community-based attendant services, habilitation and rehabilitation therapies, prescription medications, prescription glasses, dental services, prostheses, mental health services, and durable medical equipment, like communication devices and wheelchairs.

“Senator Hann’s bill threatens our liberty and very lives,” says ADAPT Minnesota organizer Galen Smith.

"Without this funding, we would not be able to live where we choose and hold the job we choose," said ADAPT Minnesota member Darrell Paulsen.

For more information on the effect of the cuts see DHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson’s letter to the Health and Human Services Conference Committee: http://www.mnprogressiveproject.com/upload/4.27.11%20HHS%20to%20Conference%20Committee.pdf

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